About Our Company

We are a firm that assists individuals with Offshore Incorporations, Trusts, Foundations, Bank Accounts, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, Residency and general relocation assistance. We work for our clients exclusively and not for any particular Bank, Offshore Firm, Attorney or Real Estate brokerage. We act as advocates for our clients, giving them unbiased advice and assistance. We have no hidden agenda and as such can truly work for our client’s best interest. We search the market for the best services; companies, interest rates, apartment rental rates or real estate offers and then provide advice to our clients accordingly.

Why Do Business With Us?

Our loyalty is to our clients alone. We have lived and worked in Latin America and understand the local market thoroughly. We have assisted numerous clients with Offshore Structures and Offshore Investments. We are not interested in acting as Nominee Directors for companies nor do we wish to have control over any client bank accounts. We simply help steer people in the right direction, act as an independent advisor and generally make the clients life easier by acting as an advocate in their behalf.

What Areas Are Our Specialty?

In the area of finances and asset protection, we can assist with advice and the use of Offshore Company Formations, trusts and foundations. We work with a number of offshore firms and law firms that we have found to be reliable in this regard, but we are always working for our client. We can provide or assist with incorporations in The Bahamas, Belize, The Dominican Republic and Panama. In the area of Residency and Real Estate, our specialty is Panama and the Dominican Republic.

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