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The Panama Report

by John Schroder

Ever wanted to know what Panama is really like? Thinking about making a move or doing business in Panama? Get the report that will get you started and give you all the real information you will need. This 60 plus page report is not sold in bookstores and contains information you will not find anywhere else. Go ahead and purchase Fodor’s travel guide if you want to be a tourist. But if you want the truth about how to live in Panama, get the report. Information like how buy or rent an apartment, where to shop for the bargains, how to hire a live-in maid for $150 per month, where to get Internet Service, how to obtain residency plus all the other little details and tips no one ever tells you. One of the few publications not listed in the Library of Congress (they don’t want you to read it, but we will sell it to you anyway)

Escape from America

By Roger Gallo

Read the best selling book that started it all. Learn why America’s best and brightest are leaving. Where are they going? What are they up to? What do they know that you don’t? Rogers Escape Artist web site gets over 50,000 new visitors a month. Ever wonder why? Get the book and find out!

Tax Havens of the World

By Tom Azzara

One of best guides on the planet for tax haven information. Tom wrote this book, because like you he couldn’t find the information he was looking for. But the book is not enough. That’s why we have made a special arrangement with Tom to also include a subscription to his special 10 page monthly newsletter. The book will get you started, but the information packed newsletters will keep you on your feet. Our special deal allows you to subscribe to the monthly newsletter and get the book for Free.

Inside The Dominican Republic

By John Schroder

Most Americans have no idea where the Dominican Republic is located, never mind the consideration of living there. Looking for a place in the Caribbean where you can still buy a home for under $50,000? How about a place that offers tax-free banking, 56K Internet Access and Cable Television in English? There is plenty of travel and history information about the Dominican Republic on the internet, but nothing like the information contained in these pages. Information about what it’s really like to live in the Dominican Republic and why the Dominican Republic offers some of the best opportunities in the Caribbean today. From Communications, Tourism, Banking, high-tech manufacturing to the service industry, The Dominican Republic is poised to be the best place to invest or live in the Caribbean. Don’t believe us? Read the September 21, 1998 Issue of Forbes Magazine. Then purchase Inside the Dominican Republic. .

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Inside The Dominican Republic - $ 49.95

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